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    Black Swan Planet

    The story at first appears to be the kind with intergalactic stuff and all those things but when it reaches the black swan planet things appear a little different than the usual stories related to a tour in the universe. Raka Varoule a reported and related to media gets his first chance to cover something big and that is to cover emperor’s birthday. The writer James Peters very nicely fits Raka in something big as he discovers a huge scandal perhaps the most dangerous one in which he comes to know about a world that was beyond their imaginations even.

    Black Swan Planet AudiobookA place which was not under the control of their emperor. He wants to spread the news but then thrill is added to the story when we observe a threat to his life and his desperate race against time to reach home before it was too late. It is the description of the black swan planet that makes the story different from the rest as it is a planet of which you would never have heard from anyone before. The scenes and the story both have a funny appearance. The humor in the story is enough to make people forget their worries as they enter the domain of this strange planet. The narration by David Swanson is also according to the need of the story thus it does not destroy the humor or the funny aspect of the story.
    The story still possesses thrill throughout as our hero Raka is on his way back with a dominatrix and a monkey who are his companions in this journey the scandal can change the whole life of Raka if he succeeds in exposing it on the right time.
    More stories like this one may also be good for the listeners who liked this one can be the Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Tales, Dead If You Don’t and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

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