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Ted Chiang loads into our mind all the fictional stuff that he had with the help of this book that is not in a continuous order. The book has fragments each one written in full perfection and a theme of its own that is quite different from the rest. First one to begin with is about a simple merchant who after committing certain mistakes in life finally gets a chance to go back to the past where it all started.

It’s like the fulfillment of his prayers but again it is revealed to him that the changing of the past is not easy because biggest hurdle that stands in his way is he himself. Then in another tale we observe a being so powerful that he can visit or see other universe which means that he can live through it all.

But again trouble knocks at his doorstep because not only he can see other universe but also he can see the troubles that they deal with and thus he becomes witness to more misery. The best one that is narrated significantly well by Edoardo Ballerini, Amy Landon, Dominic Hoffman and Ted Chiang is the story of an alien and his strange discoveries.


The alien in that specific tale is presented as a scientist and though he is much of a human but still the author insists in proving that he is actually an alien. The discoveries that he makes and the inventions along with it are really inviting. Fans can listen to this book as a whole but it is advisable to listen to one portion or tale at a time because in this way it would be more enjoyable.


The Daedalus Job

A Memory Called Empire


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