Rhythm and Bluegrass

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Rhythm and Bluegrass is a novel written by Molly Harper, who is known for her excellent romance-filled storylines and also to produce characters that are larger than life. She has demonstrated the best of her literary writing skills in plenty of novels. A couple of most engaging ones are Where the Wild Things Bite and  A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses.

Rhythm and Bluegrass is the 2nd chapter in the Bluegrass (Harper) novel series. Amanda Ronconni has given the narration of Rhythm and Bluegrass novel. She is a brilliant narrator. It goes without saying now that her pairing with Molly Harper as a writer almost always works. You will find two people in this contemporary romantic novel who are fully focused to fulfil their agenda of coming against each other. Interesting thing is that they both find love in the process.

Bonnie Turkle, the employee of the Kentucky Tourism Commission is up the Mud Creek and that to without a paddle. When she got the long awaited permission to restore the Music Hall in McBride to its known glory then she though that the community would be happy to have her. Instead, all her plans interfered with a sudden proposal for selling the subject property to a factory. She was told that this is important for bringing in a lot of jobs to the town.

Even though Bonnie was trying every bit to preserve the heritage, but at the same time, he was more concerned about the welfare of the people of the town. His memories weren’t that important than the betterment of the people. Will finds her as extremely annoying but that was not big enough to stop him from kissing Bonnie.

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