Running Blind

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Another episode from the thrilling life of Jack Reacher who has tried to be nice to everyone he has ever met in life includes several FBI agents too. The man has helped the department in the moments when darkness surrounded every city. No matter what he does still there are people in the world that think of Jack as a criminal and as an imminent threat to the law and order of the world. Whatever he is, one thing he is not i.e a psycho killer who kills women without any reason.

Jack has been a man of target and focuses on Die Trying and Tripwire, crime in this part just make him go mad with horror. An unknown killer is chopping down women at an alarming rate without any clue. In the crime scenes, there is no spot left of the tool that is being used to kill the ladies. The investigating department fails to learn anything about the motive behind this madness. After seeing this superb skill of killing people some of the people in the department think that it is Jack Reacher who is behind everything.

To clear his name and catch the killer before he reaches the next witness Jack starts the investigation on his own. Horrifying things get unlocked in Lee Child’s latest. Jack brings to light one corrupt officer from the department whose hand was always there in the crime scenes. Johnathan McClain keeps the quality again in narration; McClain hasn’t shown any weakness in narration up till now.  Also, the voice quality is appropriate for the action and suspense scenes; there are flexibility and seriousness combined in it.




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