When I’m Gone


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    Luke Richardson lost the most precious relation of his life in the form of his wife after which he has no desire to live. Committing suicide is not an option for him because he has the responsibility of three children on his shoulders. In such thoughts the man came home from the graveyard and found a letter waiting for him on the door front. The letter was addressed to him by name and it was written by his wife. His wife wrote that letter on the first day when her disease was diagnosed.

    After that day he kept on receiving such letters and with each letter he became more motivated and started feeling that his wife was actually with him. At first he tried to look for the one who was delivering these letters to him but then he left that thought. Natalie on her death bed was actually thinking about Luke and her children and that’s why she wrote all those letters so that her husband does not become pessimist at her loss. Emily Bleeker forms a different picture of true love and this is perhaps more real and less fictional.

    When I'm Gone

    True love never dies after the death of a person and love can exist in other forms such as promises or letters. Wreckage and Working Fire are not bad books at all for anyone who wants to go on with Emily’s work but in those novels the story is not that much sentimental. Dan John Miller gives Luke the voice of a sensitive man who is really broken at the start at the death of his wife but the letters make him stand once again.

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