Separation of Power

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Separation of Power is a brilliant piece of literary work by Vince Flynn. He has proved yet again that political thrillers of his are second to none. The book is part 5 of the Mitch Rapp mystery & thriller novel series. The narration of nearly 14 hours long book is given by Ken Kiban in his highly grasping and relatable tone.

CIA Headquarters now has its newly appointed director, Dr. Irene Kennedy. She becomes a prospective target of an inside job, whose objectives were to first destroy her completely then prematurely end the rein of the current President of United States of America. In order to make things worse. Saddam Hussein got much closer in penetrating within the nuclear arms race. This was something that Israel strived hard to stop. With the threat of World War III looming, the president of United States summons his secret weapon, which everybody knows who he is. The counterterrorism operative of CIA, Mitch Rapp takes charge of the proceedings again to negate such propagating threats.

However, things were not easy. Rather, they were most difficult than ever before. It was just a fort night before the nukes were expected to be taken out. Therefore, this setup Mitch Rapp against a tough challenge, which had impossible odds. But, Rapp had to stop this from happening at any cost.

Executive Power and Memorial Day novels are rated as the best pieces of Vince Flynn’s writing. They are complete in every way, which includes an excellent story line, a strongly written modern detective character, thrilling and adventurous scenes and finally some great narrations that allows listeners to get deeply involved with the characters and story of these recommended novels.






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