Shadow on the Crown

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Anglo- Saxon Chronicles are again brought to us with a bit more spice this time by Patricia Bracewell in the voice of Katie Firth who is really a master when it comes to narrating such novels that share a historical background.

The story takes us to the year 1002 where Emma is going to wed Athelred the king who is a lot older as compared to her age, the only way for her survival as a queen is by bearing a son so that she can crush all the oppositions of her rivals and erase all the doubts of her husband who has a suspicious nature.

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The writer has wonderfully woven a tale of a crown in which the queen wants to establish herself in the court of the country that is new to her but there are other problems related to her personal life as well, like the love that she desires from of younger man who could satisfy her physical desires as well but that same love that she gets from a Viking proves to be a threat for her crown.

Thus the story presents a nice and complete picture of the year1002 along with its traditions and the politics of the court that was completely based on connections and the only way to survive was establishing connections with the right sort of people.

The bloodshed in the story is reminds us of books like The Price of Blood by the same author. The killings and murders can be found in plenty in most of Patricia’s work and all lead to the final epic conclusion that relate to the fate of the king or queen.


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