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From longer version comes this shorter version of the stories in the series that has never looked flat to the people of any age. Jim Butcher takes a time out from the main scene and adds the stories as the everyday work of the great wizard.

The recently ended part Changes: The Dresden Files, Book 12 related to Harry’s love life was very serious and for some the fun and comic scenes just vanished all of a sudden. Now the book is back with the things the series was famous for, no proper rhythm is found in the stories they are like incidents that come in between the main story.

Different members from different orders and paranormal incidents can be found in great deal and there is some fun for all. It is thus an amalgam of the serious and the comic factors of the series, we find Harry making mistakes and engaging himself in funny situations and then at times death approaches at the door of Harry and his friends. Gladly all the issues are tackled in the best and appropriate manner, James Marsters got a tough time in this one because of the change of situation and the mode in which the story was written.

The tales were like a collection of memories and thus presented in a random order not linked to the same span of time or place. The passing or shifting of the scenes can make some people giddy if they are in favor of a sequence but still it is terrific. For the fans this one is more about Harry and less about the surroundings that keep him surrounded.



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