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Though Jodi Picoult has been writing more and more about women but it does not mean that the author has become predictable. Jodi has been able to find a new flavor each time she goes closer to the life of a new woman in the town. We find women without family, some bored of the family and then there were some searching for the family that abandoned them. Then murderers come to the scene along with a few who act as witnesses thus there is a new angle of seeing a woman all the time.

We go through The Storyteller and Leaving Time and witness the skill of the author but this time the novel is about a strange sort of relationship that Zoe Baxter engages herself into. For Zoe life is like a sound track which means that there is no similarity between the lives of two people and also life has a rhythm that can be enjoyed only when you are following the beat.

She goes to the night club for the search of sensation that she wanted in life and she even tries to get herself pregnant for change but no such thing happens. Just when she thinks that she has found something in life to settle for she starts facing rivalry from the people she would never have expected i.e her family.

It is all about relationships and the attitude of different people towards different things that Therese Plummer, Mia Barrow, Michele O’ Medlin and Brain Hutchison narrate in a slow pace. Slow pace was really required because only then can we understand what is going on in the minds of the people during the establishment of a relationship.

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