Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage

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Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage is a fictional audiobook for children. It is a chapter out of the Star Wars series which is written by Justina Ireland. She is an American novelist of science fiction and young adult fiction. She is also a recipient of the World Fantasy Award in 2018 which was given in the Non-Professional Work category. Out of the Shadows is his best novel so far. Deathless Divide is another brilliant novel from the same author which received a lot of appreciation from the author.

The narration of this novel is done by Keylor Leigh. It was a satisfactory performance by Keylor. She didn’t have a good enough range in the voices used for the characters. However, it was not a big issue considering the other solid traits of her voice.

Long before the time of the Clone Wars, the First Order or the Empire, the Jedi lit for the galaxy. It was all part of the golden age which is known as the High Republic!

Vernestra Rwoh was a novice and young Jedi Knight of only 16 years of age. But, the first actual assignment of the Knight felt awful and weird which felt more like that of a babysitter. She was given the charge to supervise an Avon Staros who was an aspiring inventor of 12 years of age. The assignment was on a cruiser that was headed to Starlight Beacon, a miraculous new space station.

It is a fascinating book where the characters are found to be quite impressive and interesting. They just grow on you quite well just as the story progresses. The book surely has a lot of entertainment in store for you.

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