Stranger in a Strange Land Audiobook

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A science fiction told in a completely different way by Robert A. Heintein. A martian comes to the Earth with its superhuman strength becomes famous all of a sudden and then it is told that Micheal Smith was originally an earthling which means that his parents were humans but he was born and bred on Mars where his parents were at the time of his birth. Smith becomes everything after reaching the planet Earth which is always in search of something different or new. He is assumed as a Messiah for the human race who could help them in all kind of ways in their everyday life. He is found everywhere whether it is media or the domestic life of the masses.

The story does not revolve around Smith or about his life on Mars, the story is about different trends and traditions that are being followed by the human race and how a foreigner or a person from another planet analyze these things and how he differs in opinion and some time himself is attracted toward the Earthly things. The book touches almost every aspect of the human life from true love to mere sex. It takes the discussion of religion to an entirely different level, all the controversial issues are seen with the eyes of a Martian who favors none of these things as they tend to bound the human race and perhaps this the motive of the writer as well. Thus the story has the only a sci-fiction background, in reality, it is about human issues. Christopher Hurt’s narration is excellent and the forceful sound makes everything quite appealing to the listener.

Other books in the similar line that most of the listeners would love to listen to Starship Troopers The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress and The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1, 1929–1964 are the best for a wonderful time.


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