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    Taltos is one of the highly anticipating novel by Anne Rice, which is also the 3rd book of the popular Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel series. This novel created great vibes all around the literary world and the book lovers, which was mainly because of the prior success with the prequels of this novel. The narration of this paranormal science fiction fantasy novel is once again given by Kate Reading. After listening to the narration of this audio book, you will definitely agree that nobody better than Kate Reading could do the narration of this novel. It is because of her powerful voice with the right pitch, which was the very requirement of novel of such type.


    I am Ashlar and I am actually a Taltos. It has been well over many centuries since I have last seen any other member, who is from my own specie. But, there are quite a number of other such species as well. I have heard a lot about them, chased them long and at certain instances, I have just about found them as well. But, that was just an ‘almost’ encounter. In reality and in centuries, I haven’t even touched my own blood and flesh. This has never happened in all this time over many centuries.

    When the news about the presence of another Taltos reaches Ashlar, he all of a sudden gets propelled into the Mayfair Family’s haunting world.

    Anne Rice is known for producing horror stories around witches and vampires. If such horror stories is your go to genre, then you must check out The Witching Hour and Interview with the Vampire novels written by Anne Price. You will surely not be disappointed.





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