The Assassin’s Curse (1-2)

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A pirate tale that later turns into a romantic one is well composed by Cassandra Rose Clarke who takes us to an enchanted world of magic full of action in these first two parts of his series. The story starts with escape of Ananna from her clan of pirates because she doesn’t want to marry the man her parents choice as she goes away from her clan the society of pirates punish her for breaking the law and the punishment is nothing less than death.

The start and the overall development of the story is interesting just like the author has written in The Mad Scientists Daughter – Cassandra Rose Clarke. An assassin is hired who chases her and when he was about to fulfill his task the pirate girl uses the magic which she possessed but unluckily she does not know how to use the magic fully and the magic turns into a curse that joins Ananna and Naji together a curse that could only be broken after the accomplishment of three tasks which they try to fulfill in the second part of the series on an enchanted island full of mysteries.

The curse is not the only thing they are afraid of as they have enemies of their own as well who follow them anywhere they go and more to their disadvantage they have developed a sense of attraction for each other as well and they started caring for one another more than their own selves.

The development and the progress of the story is quite nice and it is like a one single story rather than two different parts. The narration by Tania Rodrigues also keeps the spirit of the story alive by the energy that it possesses and also the mode of the story is kept intact.  


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