The Billie B. Mysteries Collection Audiobook

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The book consists of three mysteries that the group of Billie B solves as they are the experts in the business of solving mysteries. It is their job to solve mysteries and bring the reality to light with the help clues they could find and the wisdom they possess in such affairs. Sally Rippin has given Billie and his secret mystery club three tasks or missions that could really test their skill and talent in a huge way. The first mission is related to the spooky house which starts at a dare among the fellows in the club.

The spooky house has ghosts for sure but the club is not afraid as they all like challenges and especially Billie is the one who is expert when it comes to the tackling of the ghost problems. The second mission is related to mental skill; a task that needs the code-breaking skills of Billie and his friends Jack who find a series of code at school. The improvising skills of the two characters are excellently described in a large way.
The third story is also related to the school of the secret mystery club, it is up to them to find who put leaves in Lola’s sandwich. They suspect Benny but they lack the evidence. All the three stories are such which keep us mentally active as we too as readers are in search of clues hidden within the stories. Eloise Mignon’s narration is nice in a way that he keeps the characters and their tone separate, which was quite an essential thing in order to stop the characters from mixing in our mind.
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