The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob

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Hank knows that there is something fishy when you are expected to get something that is unusual and is not really the way you have been expecting. The same thing happens when the Pete has to offer him steak just for the sake of the corncobs he has.

Due to the fact if no one has offered the deal he could never have known the real value of the corncob he has. So now he knows that the corncobs worth a lot and he is now at the brink of deciding whether he should let go the hidden treasure he has or should there be solutions to save it and let the deals go off the mind.

The whole situation would be revealing how Hank would determine his goals and will let him get out of the dilemma so that nothing goes wrong.

John R Erickson surely has created the story to find out many adventures in the single adventure. You will find Hank goes on proving that he is capable of finding things better and will decide in the best way that is the right one as well for everyone else.

But the actual fight is to tackle everything in a good way without getting into further hassles. Kids would love the story and will want to listen to it many times as it has been narrated beautifully to enhance the effects of the whole mystery and the findings that Hank has to share with the listeners as well. Stories including the It’s a Dog’s Life and The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog also offer the best of the adventures Hank has enjoyed in his life.




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