Secrets of the Deep


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    Each and every part is superb and enjoyable the last one especially was a treat to listen, although the heroes were new to the job and were mere kids or amateurs but still the battle was epic. Jake Everton the emerging teenager never thought that he would back down or would hide from a threat but now he had to. Hiding or drifting from the main scene seems to be the best thing in the current situation.

    He had to reach to the band that can help him and thus with the help of his aunt who herself is a witch Jake must not start a fight that he at present cannot handle. Fortune however takes the young magician once again to somewhere he never wanted to end up. In front of a mermaid who has a secret of her own to reveal. She in her possession has something that Captain Davy Jones wants and for this he has kidnapped her sister too. Jake and his friends must help the mermaid because if Davy Jones gets hold of the secret powers another Noah like flood would wipe out the whole world once again.

    Secrets of the Deep

    The battle is on and the stakes are high like The Lost Heir and Jake & The Giant, the heroes once again are with a never say die attitude.  E.G. Foley has presented the whole series with a kid like sensation because the author wanted to attract kids in the audience. Jamie du Pont MacKenzie’s narration is a real master stroke in the story it provides excitement for the kids and a lot of joy when the move through the wizard world full of creepy creatures.

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