Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


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    Against all odds, this story is the truly awesome story of a Cowdog who manages to solve each and every issue he finds that is concerning the security of the ranch where he is the head of the security.He will be dealing with all the dangers that people around him have to face and will try to solve each and every case like a professional security professional who is never out of the scene when there is a need to have a strict and quick investigation.

    This story is from the Hank the Cowdog series and is the Book 6 written and narrated by John R Erickson who knows that Hank would be doing anything to prove the innocent and the guilty ones no matter what happens and no matter what kind of evidence is there.

    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Hank makes use of his security professional skills to find out who has been killing the chickens on the ranch. With nothing elaborate and no description of the facts, Hank would be doing all his work like no other dog could have handled it. He is determined not give all of his efforts so that the real culprits are found.

    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Kids would enjoy the story a lot as Hank goes beyond his efforts and limits to work hard and would bring out the trust for sure. Hank would be trying to solve the mystery and will help others enjoy all the events that he would be through when solving the mystery. Just like in other adventures of hank including The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog and It’s a Dog’s Life you will find all the thrill and the adventurous moments here as well.

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