The Devil in the White City

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 Erik Larson is the author of The Devil in the White City. The book is actually a thrilling narrative that showcases all the gifts of the author as a great researcher and a storyteller. The author in this book recounts the exceptional story of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. The author has written quite a number of successful books that deserves your time to be read or listened in audio format.

The book is an American History chapter. It is a highly gripping book and became highly popular both in its print and audio versions. Specifically for its audio version, lots of credit goes to Scott Brick, who is arguably the best ever narrator and has the potential to make any book sound absolutely pleasant. The Splendid and the Vile and In the Garden of Beasts are two of the most sensational books that are written by Erik Larson.

The White City is known as a magical creation that was built upon the swampy Jackson Park in Chicago by Daniel H. Burnham. He was a popular architect of that time who also maximized the talents of Lous Sullivan, Frederick Olmsted and others for the purpose.

Dr. Henry merged the appeal of fair with his own deadly charms in order to trap a number of women to death. On the other hand, fair pointed to the birth of an entirely novice epoch ever in the history of America. Dr. Henry marked the actual emergence of the new American model, the serial murderer, who prospered on the forces then transmuting the country.


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