The Four Swans

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The Four Swans is a historical fictional novel from the renowned novelist, Winston Graham. Oliver J. Hembrough had the honors of doing the narration of this book in a very elegant style, where emotions can be truly felt through his soulful voice.  The Four Swans is part 6 of the epic Poldark novel series.

Ross, the prime character of the story in the Poldark saga is now found in a completely new battlefield. This time it involves a group of those women whose lives are completely entangled with his own. The setting of this novel is in Cornwall between the 1795 to 1799 era. Ross Poldark has somehow earned a reputation of a near war hero. He felt completely secure with his hard earned prosperity.

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There comes a completely new dilemma on his way that puts him to see a rapid fascination between his wife, Demelza and a young naval officer. All four women, who in this novel are the four swans, whose lives crossed with that of Ross in the crises over all these years. For Demelza, he had old love for being his wife; Elizabeth, the new wife of his friend, Morwenna Chynoweth, the unhappy soul and finally Caroline. All these women had close connections with his life and played a pivotal role to bring him to a state, where he is today.

The Twisted Sword is a popular novel from the author, Winston Graham, where you will see his literary brilliance at its very best. Moreover, Ross Poldark is also not short of exceptional, which promises to be the one that lives right up to your expectations from a fictional novel.


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