Lincoln Raw



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We meet Lincoln from the inside for the first time in this biographical novel that tells us about the private life of the person whom we know as a leader only.

But the more we go deep in his personal life we come to know that he was a truly strong person from the inside as well, facing all the disasters and the calamities that an ordinary person cannot bear in his life.

D.L Fowler starts narrating the life of Abraham as a seven-year-old whose father led the family in the Indian wilderness and the suffering never ended there it was just the start of the family miseries.

The first thing that strikes Abraham after the migration of the family is the issue of his birth as he overhears that he was not the legitimate son of his parents and then one attack after the other on him makes him struggle for his life more than a dozen time.

The real tragedy to his life come to him when he labors away all his youth settling his father’s debt and not being able to study in the school because he was never allowed to.

Lincoln Raw

Then one death after the other in the family wipes out all the relatives he once called his family. The deadly fangs of death even wipes out his beloved and thus leaving him with no choice except to show readiness towards marrying someone he never loved.

And there too he runs away before establishing the wedding lock.

The one thing however for which he stands for in the end is the unification of his motherland and finally fulfills the promise he made with his mother.

This highly emotional tale is narrated excellently by Ken Teucth who really makes us feel the true character of the man. The story is different from writer’s other novel Ripples: A Novel but the selection of the words and the style is almost similar.


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