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Alien’s invasion of a new kind is portrayed by Stephenie Meyer, whenever people think of alien invasion than it means that they would see huge ships turning buildings into rubble. Well there is no such case in this one the aliens are sophisticated, they just take over the body of the humans with minimal of effort.

Thus no destruction is done and the human vanishes from the face of the earth but their body remains now in use of an alien. Things were going well and the experiment was a great success for the alien race known as the “Soul”. Then Wanderer one of the new specie tries to take the body of Melanie Stryder, it was simple at the start but then it became complex because Melanie was not ready to give her heart to an alien. Though her body is occupied Melanie still exists somewhere inside it thinking about the man she loves so much.

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These raw feelings even make Wanderer attracted towards the man Melanie is looking for. The presence of the one man in the mind of both i.e the host and the parasite make them able to co-exist and search for him like hell. We have seen romance in Midnight Sun and Twilight but it is wilder than we can expect. There is also a question that emerges in the middle i.e if the two reach the man they are looking for which one would actually get it, Wanderer or Melanie. No one can narrate passion better than Kate Reading; the passionate speeches made by Melanie for the love of her life excites us more and want to reach the end more quickly.



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