The Lies We Told

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The Lies We Told is a powerful depiction of the brilliance and creativity of Diane Chamberlain as an author. No surprises that this is again a woman-centric book and this is what the author is best known for. The lies are uncovered and truth prevails in the most thrilling setting that you could ever witness in a novel of such magnitude. The narration has been done by Johanna Parker, who is quite brilliant and confident in playing the character with utmost conviction.

The narration of this novel starts with the introduction of the main characters of Rebecca Ward and Maya, who are both known as accomplished physicians. But this is also where the similarities of both these sisters end.

They both witnessed the murder of their parents when they were just teenagers. But, Rebecca was the one who saved her sister Maya from becoming the next victim of the gunman, who killed their parents. This tragedy jolted Maya and left her quite timid and cautious.

Maya was asked to join her sister Rebecca and her husband Adam in North Carolina in the relief efforts when the place was hit with a devastating hurricane. Maya after a lot of thought finally agreed to join them, more so to please her husband, Adam. A helicopter in the relief area crashed and Maya was assumed to be dead.

Necessary Lies and The Stolen Marriage are the other two brilliant novels by Diane Chamberlain that have a huge fan following. You must check them out to get hours of pure entertainment with beautiful narration.





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