The Heart Forger


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    As a sequel to The Bone Witch, the Heart Forger follows the same plot development and character representation we’ve seen in the previous book. The first book ended with a lot of questions unanswered.

    But this second part begins by linking up to the events leading to the end of the first book.   If you’ve not read The Bone Witch, it will be better to read it through before proceeding with this one. You will understand the whole plot and character roles better.

    The book began where the Bone Witch ended. Here, there is a great war coming ahead, and Tea is bent on avenging her exile and the death of her love.

    The author Rin Chupeco portrayed tea in an interesting light in this book. She has really grown into an amazing character. She knows she still has some flaws because she has admitted she’s made mistakes in the past. That did not deter her to fight for justice and stand on what she believes is the truth.

    From her experience in The Bone Witch, she could easily have turned to the villain of the story. But she still knows what is right and what is wrong to do. She is sticking to justice and what is genuinely perceives as the right cause to fight for.

    The Heart Forger

    This second book shows both the past and present events surrounding Tea and how she has managed to keep her head high despite all that she has passed through.

    We’ve all appreciated Rin Chupeco for her excellent storytelling ability. This second book in the series is no different. Again, the narrators Will Damron and Emily Woo Zeller,  kept to their tradition of representing the characters the most ideal way. Their narration makes everything look very real to the listener.



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