The Long Road to Karn

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Krian’s enemy is not on the Demon Grounds but here he is offered many others who are ready to suck his blood and the enjoy splitting his body into pieces. Strong in character Krian still remembers who he really is and this appearance that he has been keeping is just because of the game. He has faced dark gods and luckily has been able to defeat them too but his dream to reach the higher plane is yet to be fulfilled. On the higher plane he would be able to get some company that he is looking for since Patch 17  and The Cursed Princedom. Krian’s sister and friend are present on the plane and after reaching them he might get the extra benefit of numbers.

It has been a series of deadly battles for the hero and it is tough to think that it is not happening in the real world because the pains are so real. Not only Krian but the game has also evolved during his stay in it and getting out of it is almost impossible. G. Akella presents his characters as passionate figures and the tough and tight situations have not yet made them pessimists.

The players are playing against a machine that never tires and the only reason because of which the players lose is that they cannot bear the circumstances for too long. Krian and his friends have proved more robotic till now as they march on without feeling of tiredness or love and it is up to them how long they can carry on with it. Well Nick Podehl the narrator is not tired and he is never tired actually in narrating fictional stuff.

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