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Virtual world or virtual reality surely emerges as one of the most powerful and fascinating technology of the modern world. Many have written about online games and virtual world that comes close to the real world but G. Akella proves that the he alone possesses the skill to paint a virtual world to perfection.  “Realm of Arkon” a virtual game makes the world crazy about it not because its features are far more developed than any other ordinary game in the market but because of the fact that it has sensations.

People can enter the domain of the game and then after that they can feel their dreams coming true, no one wants to get out of the game after entering once because coming out would shatter everything.

Roman is not one of such people but he is thrashed into the game by force and not only this, the boy finds himself in toughest part of the game where dreams are converted into nightmares. For survival he has to use his avatar Krian to perfection.

There is nothing about the game that he likes but the feeling of revenge pumps him to fight like a true warrior against the pinching sensations that have reached to the level of perfection.  As compared to The Elder Demon’s Dilemma and Steel Wolves of Craedia this story is quicker in pace. The development of the characters is sudden and some time there is a need of a rewind because Zach Villa’s narration also has a pace in it. Start is nice and the ending will decide that whether the series has remained successful in keeping its profile high.

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