The Cursed Princedom

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Roman was thrown in the world of strange creatures and though the scene that he sees and the devils that he faces are virtual but the sensation is absolutely real. This means that in this advanced game he can die too if his character dies because the death of the character will give him the pain of death which he cannot bear in real life. So Krian marches on with two objectives at hand one is of course his survival in both worlds and the second one is the revenge that he wants to take from his enemies.

There is not just one big enemy in this nightmare rather there are mobs that can hunt you down without any cause. Game has not allowed Krian any friends yet and in this solo struggle we find his willpower the strongest weapon and ally that he possesses.

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Princedom is the area where this fighter moves to now as he gets the hint that the enemy that he is looking for might be in the southern states. G. Akella has been describing a lot about the game and it terror since the previous part Patch 17 but the author has described the levels not to the full potential that the audience wanted to here.

A little more work is needed in that section, as far as the narration issue is concerned it has been removed, Zach Villa has controlled the quick pace and the words are better understandable now.  Steel Wolves of Craedia is expected to come soon after this one and a little change or twist is needed in that part to keep the story interesting only action will make things monotonous. Member Benefit

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