Steel Wolves of Craedia


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    Revenge madness took Krian to princedom in The Cursed Princedom where he hoped to find those who have trapped him in this dungeon type game in the first place. Feeling of loneliness too is creeping slowly now on him and this has just made him more aggressive than before. War that was started in princedom has brought havoc in the world and great darkness is about to emerge from the ashes. For ages the place has kept in it a power that was better to be kept buried beneath the surface but it has been awaken and no one is safe.

    Krian knows well that if he wants to survive from here on he has to remember one thing i.e no one is precious in this world as everyone he meets and everything he sees is all fake. Only making himself stronger after the accomplishment of each goal and each level would help him complete his mission and fulfill his destiny. Steel Wolves are the new demons emerging as a challenge before Krian leaps to the next level.

    Steel Wolves of Craedia

    G. Akella finally has produced a detailed picture of the war zone and the characters that was lacking right from Patch 17. No issue was in the intensity but description was lacking power and now it has approached the stage where it can be termed as perfect. Zach Vila removed the errors in narration in the second book and from here on everything about the series is picture perfect and it is all up to the ending that the author paints after the climax of the series. For the fans there is nothing to ponder about anymore because the time has come to go with the flow.

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