New Threat


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    Second book of “The Survivor” series starts from right where the first book ended, only this time there are more threats loaded for the humans. The Event described how Dean was saved from the vessels that took the rest of the humans and also the audience was informed about his wife who knew about the threat all alone. With the help of the information that his wife left Dean was able to confront the hostile alien race and was able to save the people of the earth.

    New Threat

    However the threat is not over yet, as the survivors try to build everything back from the ashes two rebels escape from the encampment. These rebels can reach the enemy core and this could bring more disaster for the humans who are already in a miserable state. Dean establishes a team and starts the search for the two who had escaped. Not only on earth but the search continues in the entire galaxy and this time there is a danger that the humans might confront their enemy in its full might.

    New Threat

    Another good job by Nathan Hystad, the author has been creating such space adventure trilogies for decades and has not failed in a single one. This too will move to New World but it does not look that this one will end on the trilogy. There is a lot to be discussed and solved in the series and one more part might not be ample for all of that. Luke Daniels continues with the narration, he knows Nathan’s work very well and has always been the best option for such stories all the time.

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