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    Luke Daniels narrate another fantasy tale that talks about the doom of mankind at the hands of an alien race that proved itself superior in all aspects. Dean heard about the ships from his wife when she was on her death bed. She told Dean to wear the necklace when the ships appear in the earth’s orbit. For some time the man thought that the news was false and his wife was perhaps talking about strange uncertainties but then the ships appeared. Some of the human beings were of the view that this would open new doors of progress for them while others were with a totally opposite approach.

    The ships never gave time to negotiate; all the humans were sucked into the sky by the alien vessels. Last one to remain was Dean with the necklace on his neck and at this point in life he realizes that his wife was telling the truth all alone. So instead of thinking about these teasing things anymore he just starts following the instructions left by his wife.

    The Event

    For the survival of humanity Dean goes on a difficult journey and the truth that he uncovers really rocks him from the inside. Nathan Hystad has always been known for the mysteries that he creates but here he has outdone himself. Books such as Final Days and Final Days: Escape were fans’ favorite in the past but this new trilogy is mind blowing. The dangers and threats are unknown and the power of the enemy is immeasurable. One lone hero stands in order to save the humanity from the upcoming destruction that could wipe them off the face of the universe.

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