The Lost Earth

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War of technology was on in the sixth part and it was because of mere good luck that the human race survived the enemy that was like the devil itself. The war was our but not the threat it still loams in outer space ready to pounce on the opportunity. Now it appears that the enemy has got what it was looking for all these years and Commander Thrax Ti Ix can launch the campaign that has been his dream.

The scientists have successfully created the hyper-Spatial tube and now the ships can travel in space with the speed of a thousand light years in one second. It is obvious that the enemy ships will eat everything up within no time and not even the trace of humanity would be left after that in the entire solar system.

All the heroes that the earth possesses cannot face such a large number of enemies not even when they are combined. As danger comes near Captain Maddox thinks that his last voyage was not the last one after all, he along with the crew goes into the dark null region for a weapon that is known as the Destroyer.

The thing is not easy because in that region lies an evil force as well that could easily follow the crew back to the human world. The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova can be enjoyed along with this sensational adventure by Vaughn Heppner once again narrated by Mark Boyett and his narration just keeps on getting better and better. The voice of the narrator really charges you up at the climax when the human race is saved on the last moment by a miracle that was never expected this time.

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