The Midwife Murders

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Lucy Ryan by profession has remained a Midwife all her life, watching deliveries and pregnant women have been her job for decades. Fear of an operating table and the threat of a miscarriage don’t make her shiver anymore. Seeing violent crime in the hospital, however, proved to be something new to her. Two kidnappings and one murder were enough to ring the bells of horror in the ears of this experienced campaigner. She was the only staff member who possessed the dare to face the situation bravely.

Running away means that she is not doing her duty completely so she just signs up for something which she has never done before i.e helping the NYPD detective. Stopping the crime and getting back those kidnapped appears to be the primary motive of Lucy at the start but as she delves deep she sees something hideous. Russian Mafia had its fame for notorious jobs but this one just fills Lucy’s mind with disgust. Lucy just leaves the role of a Midwife and buckles up for some serious action like that of Deadly Cross and The Summer House.

James Patterson and Richard DiLallo have formed this story out of nowhere. When the story starts we find nothing in it but slowly the two authors knit the complex web around us. Sophie Amoss also keeps us busy with her excellent voice quality which is kept in the balance till the last word. When the reality reveals itself fully in this novel the listener just cannot keep steady for a moment or two. Expectations of the listener change after the middle when he comes to know about the reality of the mission.

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