The Mime Order

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Samantha Shannon presents to us the second part of the bone season in a nice continuation of the previous part. The good thing about the novel is that you don’t have to go through the first part again in order to understand the story as it is not that complex.

The characters are again described though this time in brief manner but it’s ample to refresh the story in your mind. Paige finally escapes from the clutches of the penal colony and comes back to Scion. But this time Scion is not what it was in the past or the day when Paige was kidnapped. Moreover she fails to find Warden.

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The people, the scene she once knew was not present on this land anymore. She has people on her tail all the time who want to fulfill their evil desires by the help of her extraordinary powers. The evil in the city is stronger than ever as Jaxon Hall takes the central stage in a strange sort of meeting that is held in the city.

Like the previous part Paige is stranded, with no one on whom she can trust and it’s a battle for survival for her that changes into a war for the underworld.  If someone listening to the novel really wants to feel the emotions and the sensation he should go through The Priory of the Orange Tree as well.

The scenes of terror are so aptly described that we start seeing them in our imagination after listening to it in the voice of Alana Kerr Collins. The narrator is with clear pronunciation and the sound is strong that provide accuracy to the presentation of this wonderful series.


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    The Bone Season

    The Song Rising


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