Dead Wake



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    Dead Wake is an American History chapter. It is a book written by Erik Larson. It got a lot of popularity among book lovers due to its content and the way Erik Larson has brought things including events from the history. The Splendid and the Vile and In the Garden of Beasts novels from Erik Larson could be easily marked as the best work done by the author so far.

    The audiobook became an instant hit with the powerful narration of Scott Brick, who doesn’t need any introduction among the fans of literary writing and audiobook lovers.

    It was 1st May, 1915 when a luxurious ocean liner sailed out of New York. It was bound for Liverpool. And was carrying an excessively large number of kids including infants. All the passengers in the liner were anxious. It was due to the Germany’s declaration of the seas around Britain as the war zone.

    Dead Wake

    The terror continued in the North Atlantic for several months. But Lusitania was regarded as one of the finest transatlantic Greyhounds of its era. William Thomas Turner, her captain placed great faith in the polite rebukes of warfare that kept all the civilian ships protected from any attack for centuries. He was completely aware of the fact that his own ship, which was the fastest ship then in service, would definitely be able to outrun any threat.

    Germany however was trying every bit to change the rules of the game. The captain of Unterseeboot 20, Walther Schwieger was absolutely willing to oblige. In the same time, a secret British intelligence agency tracked the U-boa of Schwieger, but no one was told about this.

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