The Cat Who Said Cheese


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Pickax City is a small place with big happenings in stock, there is always something strange going on in the city. The people are lucky that they have Qwill in the town and he is always there to help them when the need arises. He has solved many cases with the help of Koko and they are treated as legends in the town now.

Great Food Expo is going to start in the town which is a good news finally because it gives people time to enjoy. There would be a lot of food of different kind and the recreation will never end throughout the week. Just when the function starts, there is a loud noise of a bomb which changes the entire scenario within no time.

The Cat Who Said Cheese

Someone had planted a bomb in the hotel for some hidden reason and Qwill is going to find out the reason as quickly as possible. The people of town think that the terrorist group has tried to stop the proceeding of the food expo but Qwill does not think that it is the case.

He thinks that someone has tried to mislead the people intentionally so that he can achieve his goal in the hidden way. Lilian Jackson Braun will surprise you with the development of different events just like the author did in The Cat Who Moved a Mountain and The Cat Who Came to Breakfast.

George Guidall had a lot narrate in every episode and this one is also with a lot of hustle and bustle. There are a lot of characters who are under suspicion and finding the right one is surely tough.


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