The Murdoch Mysteries Collection

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A collection of historical fictions with a lot of mysteries is what this book by Maureen Jennings offer to us. There are more than one story in this book and thus it is with flavor as well as one listening to it can enjoy more than one tale at a time. Several of these stories are present as a separate book as well like A Journeyman to Grief (Detective Murdoch, #7) – Maureen Jennings, Vices of My Blood (Detective Murdoch #6) – Maureen Jennings and can be enjoyed as a separate tale as well. The stories are about a detective named Murdoch who is always ready to solve mysteries especially if they are related to murders he proves to be an expert in the job.

The first story takes us to the crime scene where a house maid is found dead in naked condition with no clues at all. As Murdoch inspects the case further he comes to know that the case relates to his murdered fiancée as well thus the story is with some personal agendas as well.

The next story takes us to 1998 where an abortionist is found dead and after a week later another boy in her kitchen thus the story deals with two murders at the same time. The third one is related to prejudice for Chinese immigrants that lead to the murder apparently thus each time we deal with a murder mystery we come to a new land and a new situation and a new way of murder as well thus the element of interest never leaves us throughout the seven chapters. The continuation in the stories and the events are all well adjusted by the writer and development is always slow but of a solid nature.


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