The Ocean of Years

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As the second sequel to the trilogy, Chronicles of Solace book 2 is a tale of survival, bravery, honor, and justice.  

Driven by the need to save humanity and a more burning desire for justice, Koffield began a journey back through time. Oskar DeSilvo was the founder of Planet Earth, who many believed has been long dead.  However, Planet Solace is in danger of extinction and the one person who they thought is dead holds the key to their survival.

Koffield is the only one who may have the clue to his whereabouts. He already has a score to settle with Desilvo and relishes the challenge to finding him no matter what. But first, they have to know whether he’s still alive and how to find him. And so the journey to the unknown world where they’ve never threaded began.

While exploring the past, they also need to liberate the future and prevent the catastrophe waiting for them ahead.  Their bravery and serenity paid off. But there was a mixed feeling when they discovered what they were looking for has been right in front of them all along.

Roger Allen captured every tale of this book in an intriguing and fascinating manner.  The search for the one that holds the key to their liberation was an intense one. And the author made sure the reader is carried along all through the journey.

This sequel is in line with the first. Even if you haven’t read the first part (Chronicles of Solace), understanding this sequel won’t be a problem.

The author made sure to carry every level of reader along with simple sentences and well-structured paragraphs. And the plot and character descriptions are spots on.  It is a length read, but the author made sure that the book is captivating from the onset till the end.

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