The Empowered

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The connection with Jesus not only makes you strong form the inside but also puts you in a test against the evil forces that possess a different opinion. This second part of the Trevor Black series once again takes us to the world of the supernatural where the veil is in full force this time and not even Trevor is able to sniff their presence this time and for the first time in his life he comes to know that his powers have certain limitations or perhaps the evil that he is facing far greater than he had ever imagined.

The story starts with a bang when we hear about a murder in Washington D.C, this makes one thing pretty clear to the reader that the rest of the story would no doubt be a thrilling ride. Trevor goes to the ABA convention despite the fact that the area was not too easy a thing for him both socially and spiritually still he takes the risk like always showing his interest in confronting the evil that surrounds the city and was becoming the cause of murders in the surroundings as well.

This time the story becomes a bit personal as well as his daughter too leaves him and also shows a certain connection with the cult religion which makes him a bit worried and tense as well about her future.

Craig Parshall has chosen beautiful words for the description of this novel that has action along with a religious touch as well. The story goes to an entirely different level without losing the rhythm as the simple murder case changes into the story with enslaving of children and also the source of these happenings seems to be one with supreme powers that’s way too difficult to reach.   

 Biggles& The Secret Mission – Captain W E Johns and The Trials of Rumpole – John Mortimer are some other interesting and appreciated books to help you spend your time evn better.


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