The Man Who Was Thursday


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    The Man Who Was Thursday

    The novel is written by G.K. Chesterton, the story is both metaphysical and a thriller at the same time. The narrator Zachary Brewster- Geisz has no doubt succeeded in arousing terror through his forceful voice throughout the story.  The story is about a poet Gabriel Syme who in London takes part in the meeting of anarchists. Here it reveals to him that it was a tradition for that group to name their heads after the name of days of the week and their leader Thursday was dead for which new leader had to be selected on his place.

    The main character Syme in the story is elected as Thursday in the meeting as he is the one who is in favor of violence and thus writer’s main themes in the novel are revealed which are the truth, reality, and the disguise that everyman carries in this world. Most of the characters are in disguise in the whole story as originally they are working for the Scotland Yard and for the identification of Sunday the president of the anarchists. One after another everyone tells Syme that he is a spy and is going to catch Sunday who is an anarchist.

    The Man Who Was Thursday

    At the meeting Sunday escapes and then they finally meet in costumes at a meeting where Sunday grows into a huge monster. There is no proper ending to the story as the whole story is a nightmare that ends all of a sudden and Syme finds himself on his bed in his bedroom. The story is philosophical at certain levels as each member is in the search of the purpose of his creation and the creation of everything that surrounds him. The story ends with Sunday is again a hint towards the creation of the universe that was finalized by God on Sunday.  For more stories from the Author, you may also like to listen to The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Everlasting Man and Orthodoxy.

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