The Orc King

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The Orc King is the opening book of the Forgotten Realms series, which redefines R. A. Salvatore skills as a top notch literary writer. The Forgotten Realm is actually sub series of the long and well recognized Legend of Drizzt. The author this time has tag teamed with Mark Bramhall and he made it as big as all other prior novels by the author. Narration once again stands as a strong point of The Orc King novel.

Drizzt is back again in this epic novel and the world for him has changed drastically.

There is a very unpleasant and an uneasy peace between the orcs of the novice Kingdom of Many Arrows and the Mithral hall dwarves. The tribes of orcs, who were grouped under Obould started to fight against each other Bruenor is also there and determined enough to end up the war, which nearly took his life and also destroyed everything almost, which he has excessively worked on to build.

But all this is expected to take a lot more than the axes and the swords in order to bring a long lasting and sustained peace in the Spine of the World. Many powerful individuals in either side are required to alter the way in which they look at each other. Initiating a conversation between them is warranted. But, this wouldn’t be a very straightforward task.

The Pirate King and The Ghost King novels are also penned by R. A. Salvatore. Both these books are part of the Forgotten Realm series and the storyline and the characterization of these novels is strong enough in order to not bore you for a minute even, right till the end of it.





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    The Two Swords

    The Pirate King


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