Hidden Huntress


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Since the dawn of the first book, all of us have heard about the witch who cursed the trolls for five hundred years. The witch was present in the talk only and not much was there about her physically. Here the witch finally shows herself as Ccile comes back to the world of humans once again. The prince who was conspiring against the king secretly is behind bars and there is a threat that he would be executed very soon. Ccile after coming back to the surface world was not a hundred percent physically also she was wounded emotionally too because of her association with the prince.

Hidden Huntress

But this has become a thing of the past for her and she thinks she can start her life from where she had left before her kidnap. Performing in the opera with her mother has been her daily routine but something is still not right for her. The evil king is keeping an eye on her and the only solution to get rid of all this is to find the witch in time.

Danielle L. Jensen’s The Broken Ones and Stolen Songbird were initially about love but the curse of the trolls kept on forming a stronger impact. Ccile goes to the dark forest in search of Anushka i.e the witch to hunt her down but the witch is not that simple to catch. She was already expecting Ccile thus the girl gets trapped in a big way between two deadly enemies. Voice quality trembled in the middle but that was not due to Eric Michael Summerer and Erin Moon who have not been sluggish in narration from the first line of the first book.


Stolen Songbird

Warrior Witch


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