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    Paul Kriwaczek has selected a topic which is quite familiar for everyone but at the same time writing about it was difficult. Though people know about Babylon in one way or the other but there is not much to write when a writer wants to describe everything in a proper order. The details that have survived till the present day are just not enough for a long book. The author thus had to work hard to create a book about the beginning of civilization on earth. The civilization of Babylon existed on the planet about eight thousand years ago.


    Though no sign of that civilization is there on earth but the things which they set are still considered as a landmark in history. Derek Perkins narrates about Mesopotamia in a great joy at this point and it appears that the narrator too had an association with this old legend. King Hammurabi was the leading figure of that time and it was he who brought new cultural and social techniques to life. The social system which this civilization introduced was followed for thousands of years later on because it was considered to be the best.

    Thus the author has been successful in bringing rhythm to this old history. There is no break or pause in the story and it is a great chance for the history lovers to get the details which they have been looking for. Yiddish Civilisation: The Rise and Fall of a Forgotten Nation is another book by the author which is also about the same kind of thing. The area and time zone is different in this second book but the author once again stresses on an ancient civilization that perished long ago.

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