The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

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Comedy and sentiments move side by side in the piece of art written marvelously by Kelly Harms who tells us the true feelings of a house wife who has become dejected by her life. All her life Amy Byler has tried to make a living for herself and her children who were stranded by their father long ago.

Thus without a husband to provide for her she fights in life with zeal and enthusiasm but now that enthusiasm is damped by over work. When all of a sudden her husband returns and says that he will look after the children during the summer vacation she thinks of it as a handsome opportunity to enjoy her life. She goes to the village life to enjoy the nature that she once loved. Meeting old friends provide her time for catharsis and the blind dates make her feel young again and she feels that she needed this time out.


One particular date tries to stop her where she is as she finally starts thinking of starting a new life altogether. You Can Thank Me Later and The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane described women is stress but the house wife was never given so much importance before. The feelings and psychology of a woman is awesomely described in the voice of Amy McFadden.

Male characters are not presented as the dominant characters because it is about womanhood. The husbands in the house should also listen to this novel so that they can understand that their wives too need a time out which could save their relation for a much longer period of time.






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