The Partner


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    The legal thrillers are interesting for their plot and if the characters are strong enough to take the conclusion to its poetic justice. This is just what The Partner novel is all about. It is authored by John Grisham, who is known as a maestro of legal mystery thrillers. For the narration part, Frank Muller was exceptional with his tone and expression and you will appreciate and enjoy the book even more with such passionate narration.

    Danilo Silva was being watched for a good number of days, before he was caught finally. Danilo Silva was living alone with a very quiet life in a highly gloomy street of a low paced small town in Brazil. He was living a very simple life in a home with very basic facilities, which were far away to be called luxurious. There was certainly no evidence of any fortune, which he was thought about to have stolen. He looked a lot thinner and his face looked very changed as well. He was speaking a different unknown language and he was speaking that quite well.

    The Partner

    Danilo Silva past had many different chapters. 4 years before, he was known as Patrick Lanigan, a younger business partner in a well-known law firm. He had a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter, which all made him happy and well settled for a bright and happy future ahead. The on a very cold winter night, a car accident happened and Patrick died in a burning car.

    The Guardians and Sycamore Row are other legal thrillers, which John Grisham has penned with his immense vision and creativity. The narration is also a strong trait of these recommended novels. Overall, they make a god package for you to enjoy with hours of sheer entertainment.



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