The Red Scrolls of Magic

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Magic and curses get a new name by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu in their latest creation. Magnus and Alec Lightwood are also known as the Shadowhunter need a rest after all their fights and wars against the evil in the world. They have gone through many things together which has only strengthened their bond over the years.

Together the two are looking for leisure time and don’t want to hear about any more disturbance in the world. But the bad news does come to them and Magnus is surprised to know that he alone is responsible for bringing the evil into this world. Years ago Magnus founded a cult just in a nonserious way to bring some fun into his life.

Then he just forgot about all of that, now that cult has grown stronger and is trying to bring demons into the world. If the cult succeeds there would surely be chaos and massive destruction in the world. Magnus along with Alec goes to Europe so that they can stop the Crimson Hand before things just slip out of their control. Get ready to refuel the memories of the City of Bones and City of Ashes through this hit item.

BD Wong has a special style of introducing characters in this series; the style is unique and mind-blowing at the same time. Unimaginative curses and magical phenomena are loaded in this book by the writer and good thing is that every aspect is linked to one another in some way. No chapter or portion can be skipped in this tale otherwise the listener would lose all the fun.

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