The Rogue Queen

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The Rogue Queen novel is written by Emily R. King. The narration of this novel is done by the duo of Lauren Ezzo and Scott Merriman, who managed to make it a successful audiobook venture with their prior experience in narration and also with the top quality of their voice and expression.

The Rogue Queen is a science fiction fantasy by the author, which is aptly crafted for teen audience. Though, other age groups can also enjoy it to the maximum. The book is part 3 of The Hundredth Queen novel series. The author Emily R. King has many other good novels where a couple of them worth mentioning are Before the Broken Star and Into the Hourglass.

In The Rogue Queen novel, Kalinda has finally survived all of her challenges despite all the odds. She had managed to counter her challenges of marrying a tyrant, tournaments to death, the unwanted power to rule fire and then finally the icy feel of a demon.

The same demon this time disguises himself as Rajah Tarek, who is the Kalinda’s late husband. There were no fond memories of him as he has never stopped to haunt Kalinda ever. Once the control of the palace was fully taken by the army, the demon declares Kalinda and all her friends as the big traitors of the empire. They flee all across the ocean while looking for a safe place in the Southern Isles.

The powers of Kalinda were not at all questioned in Lestari. Now she is free to use all her powers to safe all those people whom she loved. But, there are still more twists to come.

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