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Another woman with another story attached to her that goes on both personal and social level. Mysteries are something in which Jodi Picoult is best at but a murder case attached to it is something else. The author has tried to experiment a little this time and although the murder is not a mystery but still it has certain mysteries attached to it. The one who is murdered wanted such a fate but why he wanted such a fate begins to reveal in the story slowly.

Also the one who fulfills the wish of the one who is murdered cannot explain this thing in a casual mood to the police. It is something that the investigating team would never ever believe i.e the man wanted himself dead by the hands of the murderer. The girl is not innocent this time and not the kind we observed in A Spark of Light and Leaving Time but is much more. She has more psychological issues that haunt her and now the crime takes her under the shadow of the rope.

Sage liked Josef who was a retired teacher but then when one day he told her about his past life she thought that killing him was not a bad thing at all. Mozhan Marno, Jennifer Ikeda, Fred Berman and Suzanne Toren have selected different characters during the narration and then they just stick to it.

Because of this each character has individuality in the novel and there is no mixing between the speeches, it is all smooth and without any pause that can make you lose your concentration for a while or so.

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