The Sympathizer

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The Sympathizer-A Novel By Viet Thanh Nguyen

Viet Thanh Nguyen wrote this debut novel not very long ago, the novel proved to be an instant success right from its launching. The year is 1975 when the real tale of the novel gets twisty because there are present under the same roof two men with different approaches towards the Vietnam War. One is the general who is planning to leave the land and has some personal motives; the other standing beside him is a captain who is not what he seems to be. The captain is a spy who has been in the squad for a long time and has remained undetected still.

He observes all the moves of the squad and transfers the information secretly to the head office. The officers are leaving the country on flights that are thinning in number every day. No one is tense the general has whisky in hand and has no interest in the fate of the land. The captain is the local of the area and he has been raised by his lone Vietnamese mother.

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So he wants to save the land and work for its betterment which looks impossible under the current scenario. The Refugees and Nothing Ever Dies came later and got hold of the mind of the fans equally well.

The current novel still has the depiction of war like none other. Working for the spy is magnificent he works for the general but his heart always beats for his motherland where he has been brought up by his mother. At every step, there is a threat that the captain would be caught and the breathtaking narrow escapes make our hair stand straight. The Sympathizer The Sympathizer Member Benefit

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