The Dark Between


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    The relic mech was found by Dash and although he never wanted to be the chosen one but now he just cannot deny the facts. Relic told him in The Messenger that he is the only one who can stand against the assault of the enemy when they arrive. Running or hiding is not possible so preparing for the big war is the only solution in the mind of the Messenger.

    Along with his crew first thing that Dash wants to do is to fix the Archetype. In a stranded place like the edge of the universe they have no tool or equipment to prepare them for the upcoming calamity. Hope that they have in stock is the facility called the Forge. Who built this facility and when is not known to anybody but all they crew knows is that it was built for a big war.

    The Dark Between

    Messenger wants to get to the facility before the enemy invades the universe so that he and his crew can get some sort of edge against the accursed enemy. J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert introduce something new here i.e a secret world where monks still exist and they have been protecting something for centuries.

    The monks have a secret that would be passed only to the Messenger when he reaches them and they are waiting for the chosen one to relieve them. If we look at all the aspects up till now we will realize that the authors are still introducing things and the real war is far away. That’s why Jeffrey Kafer also has not tried to fuel up the narration and has saved the next gear for Star Forged. Threats of war are scary like earth quacks in this part and though the enemy is not present but its fear has reached to every heart.

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