Star Forged

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    Two things got an introduction in The Dark Between, one was the Forge and other was the group of monks protecting the ancient secret for the Messenger. Dash is in need of all that is present for him in the universe against his upcoming enemy so he reaches the Forge. Along with Leira, Dash repairs the Forge which makes them able to see far beyond their ordinary radars. The Forge gives them a view of a far off world that looks to be in a destroyed shape.

    There are pieces of ships and remains of bodies scattered everywhere in space. From appearance it is clear that the heroes fought valiantly but failed to stop their enemy who was in more power. On the same spot however a human ship has also landed and it plans to form a colony there. Humans that have landed don’t know anything about the previous civilization and the monstrous power that destroyed them. Dash’s only mission for the time being is to find the Golden ship before the enemy finds him.

    Star Forged

    Ever since he has accepted the position of the Messenger he has been a hot target for the different races in the universe. Jeffrey Kafer goes to the next level in narration, a level that he never touched in The Messenger. The writers J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert also use their full abilities for the painting of this third and most important part.

    There is a lot of talk about technology in the series but overall human zeal is what makes Dash stronger than his enemy. Pessimistic situation does not affect Dash’s clear approach towards his mission to destroy his enemy.

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