WWW: Wonder


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Third and final episode plays the role that Hybrids played in the previous trilogy; it is at the final part that Robert J. Sawyer really presents the true motive of the events. Webmind gets fully evolved now; Caitlin was right about it after all thus he proves itself helpful for the mankind. All the diseases that were once thought be incurable are now getting cured by the advance knowledge that Webmind has gained. Problems, whether they are political or social get resolved in moments by the World Wide Web now. Scientists and people associated to technology consider this a big advantage but the secret service does not think this way.

WWW: Wonder

The army and the secret service department consider it a threat because the Webmind can anytime gain control over the computers present in the world. Caitlin the girl who got her eyes back with the help of Webmind tries to save it at any cost because she thinks of it as an angel for the human world. Destroying Webmind means, destroying everything that it has achieved or created over the years.

The World Wide Web is going down and with it humanity’s last hope towards prosperous future appears to be ending. Jessica Almasy, Marc Vietor, Robert J. Sawyer and Oliver Wyman depict the true love of a girl and a computer program that started in WWW: Wake. The story ends but the relation remains rock solid from both ends. The author also provides us a point to ponder on i.e it is the humans who are actually stopping the true progress because they are afraid mentally and think that the machines would one day take over.


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